Vendor Plus Seekh India

Recognizing the gap of skills expected versus available among the employable youth prompted us to engage ourselves in skill development initiatives.

SEEKH India is a multi-skill program of NOS and NSQF Level to create opportunities for the development of talents of the Indian youth by providing them the training and skill development, covering every single region of India.

  • To link traditional education with vocational education
  • Better geographical outreach
  • To link skilling with demand centers
  • Develop more of those sectors which have already been put under skill development for the last so many years and also to identify new sectors for skill development.
  • To introduce variety of Job roles in one profession To develop additional skills such as soft skills, English speaking, foreign language etc. along with core skill training

‘SEEKH India’ is an initiative of Seekh India Foundation, a non-profit organization with the perspective to share the responsibility of government in facing the dual challenge of the dearth of highly trained workforce and unemployment of the large sections of the youths who have no acquisition to take hold of any job opportunity in the market.

      Here SEEKH INDIA will connect you with:

  • Make in India
  • Skill India
  • Start-up India
  • Stand-up India
  • Digital India and all the other government projects.