At present, many organizations face the challenge of negotiating, hiring and orienting the right newcomer for their particular business needs. This entire process might eat up a lot of time of top management which otherwise can be utilized in other productive areas and mainstream business activities.

At Vendor Plus, we help the companies find better employees, train them efficiently, motivate them and manage them to their highest potential.

We are a one step destination for all the human resource needs of small and big businesses across the country. We are highly dedicated to find, secure, onboard and orient the right people for you at the right time. Our professional team effectively manages all the sidelined activities related to ‘hiring’ and let you channelize your time and efforts in building core competencies.
Features of our services:

Leveraging the buyer’s market

We carefully analyze the core-objectives and budget of the organization before starting the hiring operations. Also, our team conducts a proper market research to identify the best time of hiring.

Avoiding expensive misfire

Replacing a salaried employee is a much costly affair for the businesses in present environment. Our effective scrutinizing system eliminates any chance of flaw or misfires and ensures the hiring of right candidate.

Organizing the workstation

Our stocks the workstation with everything from pens to calculator and keys to business cards for the newly hired employee. Phone, laptops, organizational chart, staff list and phone directory are always kept handy.

Resolving employee-lawsuits

We also help the business in dealing with employment-related lawsuits which get increased when company faces tough circumstances. Hiring Vendor Plus as your HR outsource partner can insulate your company and facilitates the process of new hiring. Our team is expert in handling:

  • Updating orientation materials
  • Handling complaints
  • Auditing employee records
  • Creating and implementing OSHA compliance safety plans
  • Training managers
  • Auditing HR policies