Quality Policy

Quality sits at the heart of VENDOR PLUS value proposition to its clients regardless of the service offering. We offer a wide range of analytics, dedicated quality teams, and a robust agent performance management platform. Total Assure proactively measures and drives improved performance across an enterprise for internal and external partners and provides robust, remote Quality services for voice, chat, email and back office processing teams using our highly experienced, Quality Management team, Analysts, and Dedicated Quality specialists. VENDOR PLUS approaches each program strategically and works as an extension of your management team to swiftly indentify and address Quality Challenges.


  • Total Assure is a strategic Quality Assurance program Vendor Plus developed in the contact center outsourcing environment, leveraging our expertise developing and managing Quality programs.
  • We provide a turn-key solution and work closely with you to reach quality and customer satisfaction goals.
  • Vendor Plus software infrastructure links together all key aspects of your operations.
  • While some off-the-shelf software components can address individual elements of call center operations, none of them work well together seamlessly to provide a holistic view of the enterprise.
  • As a result, we developed, Vendor Plus a web-based technology platform that enables us to track quality for multiple clients, customer’s communication (voice, email and chat).
  • Total Assure is competitively positioned at a price point that allows you to quickly realize benefits from your investment.
  • Dedicated Quality specialists that have been successful agents, supervisors and subject matter experts and understand the challenges and temptations of agents.
  • Dedicated analytics support to identify, troubleshoot and repair problems in productivity and process
  • We work with you to develop Blended, custom scorecards that allow stack ranking of agents including, Quality, AHT, CSAT, FCR… ensuring the program will drive your specific business requirements.
  • We support both regular Quality evaluation processing and special projects (Deep dive, Fraud detection, etc).
  • The ability to import recorded calls from existing Quality Monitoring tools such as Verint and NICE or to record calls directly through Vendor Plus.
  • The ability to perform remote Score Appeals, Auditing, Calibrations for the quality evaluations completed by our quality team.
  • Daily and targeted coaching delivered to individual agents across your entire enterprise.
  • Speech analytics to support word/phrase spotting and process compliance efforts.

Testing & QA

We also engage in beta testing of products, testing on multiple browsers, ensuring that all information is correct and accurate and that each product also functions properly, without any fatal errors and bugs. Outsourcing beta testing frees precious in-house resources for publishers.

Vendor Plus is committed to participate in business challenges and to increase the efficiency in the organization growth. We offer our customers in information intensive industries such as: publishing sector, healthcare, legal, education, banking, insurance, transportation, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, national archives and government, the solutions to manage their document, data and information management needs, enabling these organizations to focus on their core competencies.